Chapter 5 Turtle Graphics

Turtles, by xkcd.

Figure 5.1: Turtles, by xkcd.

In this chapter we will practice our knowledge of R—and of basic programming concepts—in the context of a special R-package for graphics: package TurtleGraphics (Cena et al. 2018). Many of the examples from this Chapter are drawn from the Vignette for the package.14


Cena, Anna, Marek Gagolewski, Barbara Zogala-Siudem, Marcin Kosinski, and Natalia Potocka. 2018. TurtleGraphics: Turtle Graphics.

  1. Turtle Graphics itself is not original to R. It was developed in the 1960’s by Seymour Papert for use in the LOGO programming language. LOGO is a general-purpose programming language but has been primarily used to teach programming concepts to children. Nevertheless, grown-ups enjoy playing with Turtle Graphics so much that implementations of the system are now found in several major “professional-grade” programming languages. For more information about Turtle Graphics, consult Papert (1993).