Welcome to Beginning Computer Science with R! These notes will be your primary source for CSC 115: Computer Science I, offered at Georgetown College. They will also carry you most of the way through CSC 215.

For the first semester you won’t need a computer of your own: you can do all of your work on the R Studio Server, which you will access with your College network username and password. Eventually, though, you will need to learn how to install and maintain professional software development tools on your own machine, so at some point early on in CSC 215 you will install R, R Studio and various other tools on a laptop of your own. Then you will bring the laptop to class for your daily work.

These Notes are available not only on the web but also as a PDF document that can be downloaded from the website (click the PDF icon, found among the icons at the top of the page). The PDF is useful when you are working offline, and it also has an index.

Instructional videos on selected topics will be published from time to time on this YouTube Channel:, in the CSC playlist.

These notes are about the R programming language as such, so although in the class we will work within the R Studio Integrated Development Environment right from the start, R Studio is not directly covered here. Eventually we will begin to write documents in R Markdown, which is also not treated in these Notes. For a resource on these topics in written form that will supplement class instruction and the videos on our YouTube Channel, you might want to consult the excellent little book Getting used to R, RStudio, and R Markdown (Ismay 2016).


Ismay, Chester. 2016. Getting Used to R, Rstudio, and R Markdown.