Produce an svg element showing boxplots that explode upon mouse-click into jittered individual-value plots.

bpexploder(data, settings = list(groupVar = NULL, levels = NULL, levelLabels =
  NULL, levelColors = NULL, yVar, yAxisLabel = NULL, xAxisLabel = NULL, tipText
  = NULL, referenceId = NULL, relativeWidth = 1, align = "center", aspect =
  1.25), width = NULL, height = NULL, elementId = NULL)



A data frame containing all variables involved in the plot.


A list with the following elements:

  • groupVar Character vector of length one setting name of grouping variable. (Leave NULL or omit for no grouping.)

  • levels Character vector of values of groupVar. Leave NULL or omit to render levels in alphabetical order.

  • levelLabels Character vector setting custom labels for levels of grouping variable.

  • levelColors Character vector setting custom colors for boxes.

  • yVar Character vector of length one, specifying the numerical variable to plot.

  • yAxisLabel Character vector of length one.

  • xAxisLabel Character vector of length one.

  • tipText List of character vectors. Names are variables to show in the tooltips, values are the labels to denote these variables.

  • referenceId Character vector; id attribute of an HTML tag. Offset-width of this element is used to set width of the svg. Defaults to the grandparent element.

  • relativeWidth Number between 0 and 1. The svg-width is this number multplied by the offset-width of the reference element.

  • align alignment of htmlwidget within containing div. Defaults to "center"; other values are "left" and "right".

  • aspect ratio of width to height. Default is 1.25.

width, height

Must be a valid CSS unit (like '100%', '400px', 'auto') or a number, which will be coerced to a string and have 'px' appended. Suggest to leave NULL.


id of element ot contain widget. Should be left NULL.